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Well my dear, the next extinct dinosaur,
is he who dwells his mind into the core.
Time has never slowed it down.
There he lives within and around.


So he said he could sense your life,
by seeing merely fragments.
It’s only because he’s done to strive,
but paid damned well too much
in the end.

In his own heart, he’s sure a legend.
For which he wishes to build a monument.
Upon sights and noises he would render.
So they all later could remember.


What history has made him is such a diamond.
Yet it shines to no one til his muse is proven.
Run, run! He has to run.
Even away from the glaring Sun!

Hey, you Mr. Dinosaur!
She knows you could still ask for more.
If people live just way too long,
It’s thou who shall forever shine it on!

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