# Jumlah yang Melihat Tulisan Ini : 1996

Been wanting to do this, but I was never so inspired to make it happened as when I went to OnOff-ID event that I wrote previously. Nobody told me anything or urge me to do this, but I was like, blogging is getting common today and everybody can claim that they are bloggers, what would make me different with what I do ? Another one is about reaching a wider potential audience. I mean, this is Internet; why you keep doing it and assuming your reader could not be farther than Indonesia ? One last reason, and for me this is quite important: putting it all in English is going to let me speak and think in English often. Once you think you could do anything in English you can not assume that it’s going to be the same like once you learn how to ride a bike. Your fluency could degrade before you know it!

There could be other reasons, but I do speak and write in English. So why not doing it ? I really should’ve done this.

However, this blog – tomita.web.id – has been up for quite sometime now. It’s audience is Indonesian, except all those spammers of course :) I will have to keep it the way like it is now. As with the English stuffs, I will put it in another dedicated domain and put the backup somewhere with free blogging service.

New blog content is an indicator of how well you manage your procrastination for popping ideas. I mean, all of this is not going to assume that I am gonna blow it right away. That delaying-mind would still forever be endemic, but I do still have a life offline. I do hope I could write in English as often as I with my bahasa Indonesia.

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